CCI/RCIS Test Review Study Guide

COST – Effective” (Comprehensive – Organized – Simple – Trustworthy – Effective)

This colorful study guide is an up-to-date resource and is targeted for students preparing to take their CCI/RCIS exam.

The book is organized into 6 main categories each with multiple sub-categories:

ELECTRICITY & PLUMBING (12-lead EKG, X-Ray, Angiography, Hemodynamics, Waveforms) pg. 1 – 55

TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Assisted Heart Pumps, Diagnostic Catheters, Guide Catheters, Balloons and Stents) pg. 55 – 95

START 2 STOP (Labs, Pre-procedure, Peri-procedure, Post-procedurepg. 95 – 118

WHEN IN ROME (Acid-Base-Buffer Balance) pg. 118 – 128

BARTENDER TIPS (Pharmacology, Clotting Cascade) pg. 129 – 165

Attitude + Behavior = $ucce$$ (Calculations, Shunts) pg. 165 – 182

This book will systematically answer, detail, and explain Invasive Cardiovascular Principles with direct and simple answers and explanations, as well as outstanding pictures and fun motivation throughout the book.

First-semester students can also benefit greatly from this book to aid in classroom learning, clinical rotations, or to stimulate classroom discussion and questions.

Furthermore, this study guide is also an excellent resource for Cath Lab Nurses to prepare for their CVRN test.

Some of you may know, there are other “big name” people in the cardiovascular industry who also have their own resource study guide – However, I believe you will be very impressed with my “COST – Effective” style book AND my cost-effective price compared to the others.

You will NOT be disappointed!!  Too Easy (2ez)!