CCI/RCIS Test Review Study Guide – Cardiac Cath Lab Review Guide


Comprehensive – Organized – Simple – Trustworthy

This colorful study guide is an up-to-date resource and is targeted for the following:

  • Anyone preparing for the CCI/RCIS exam
  • CVT transitioning to a RCIS
  • RCIS professionals who want to refresh on their trade
  • All RCIS students
  • Cath Lab Nurses

This book will undoubtedly prepare you for success on the RCIS exam; as well as be an incredible aid in classroom learning, clinical rotations, or to stimulate classroom discussion and questions.  Additionally, an excellent review resource for a new cath lab member or a refresher for a seasoned cath lab professional!

Furthermore, it will systematically answer, detail, and explain Invasive Cardiovascular principles with direct and simple answers and explanations; also providing pictures, graphs, charts, and fun motivation throughout.

The book is organized into 6 main categories each with multiple sub-categories:

ELECTRICITY & PLUMBING (12-lead EKG, X-Ray, Angiography, Hemodynamics, Waveforms) pg. 1 – 55

TOOLS OF THE TRADE (Assisted Heart Pumps, Diagnostic Catheters, Guide Catheters, Balloons and Stents) pg. 55 – 95

START 2 STOP (Labs, Pre-procedure, Peri-procedure, Post-procedurepg. 95 – 118

WHEN IN ROME (Acid-Base-Buffer Balance) pg. 118 – 128

BARTENDER TIPS (Pharmacology, Clotting Cascade) pg. 129 – 165

Attitude + Behavior = $ucce$$ (Calculations, Shunts) pg. 165 – 182

It is my desire and goal that you have the greatest success in life!  I believe MADSKILLZ CO$T – Effective” style coupled with your personal motivation will earn you the success you are seeking.

There are other study guides out there by other well-known names in our industry, but the totality of my book and the cost is unmatched by any competitor!

You will NOT be disappointed!!  Too Easy (2ez)!