“Being a nurse for 10 yrs but new to the cath lab I needed a study guide to help me become familiar with the different aspects of the “cath lab world”. The Madskillz study guide was instrumental in helping me learn everything from the cath lab lingo, to the equipment, all the way to the coronary anatomy and hemodynamics. I highly recommend Madskillz for a new nurse, RCIS, or even a seasoned nurse but new to cath lab.“ 

Jared L. – Registered Nurse


“Carl had sent me his study guide so I may review and vet the book – the understanding was I would give my honest opinion of his work, with no compensation for this opinion (whether positive or negative).  Undoubtedly, Carl took the time to research modern invasive cardiovascular principles and has systematically categorized his findings and own knowledge into a very simple format; certainly, this is not a typical text-book style read.  The book is well-organized, colorful, and I do believe this book has value to any new cardiac cath lab member, as well as any staff whom a refresher is well warranted!  Kudos Carl!                                                                                                                                                       
Dr. Leighton R. – MD, FACC


I been a nurse for over 35 years and in the cath lab for almost 30 of those.  However, even after all this time thinking “I know pretty much everything”, there were things in this book that I definitely needed to see and learn.  I liked the categories how they are all broken down so you know exactly what you are going to see, as well as going to the area quickly because of the numbered page or diagram.  Good Job Carl! 

Pat J. – RN


I am just a student still, but I want to be able to let people know, how effective this book has been for me to aid me in my academic studies.  I have certainly felt that I have been more prepared for classroom lectures and my clinical rotations, because I am learning a vast amount of material from this book in such a short amount of time.  Don’t get me wrong, my school and professors are great…but the textbooks are so difficult sometimes to understand when information can be told in a much simpler way…how do I know that?  Because MADSKILLZ is doing that for me!  Three months until I graduate…Woot! Woot!  Thank You!

Charley T. – Future RCIS


Great Book – and definitely a lot cheaper in price compared to others I looked at getting.  I really do think this book helped me get better grades.  I am certain I will pass my CCI test.  Thanks again Carl.

Brett – CVT college student


It is definitely worth the money and if you don’t like reading a ton of stuff like me, than Madskillz is definitely for you!  So easy to read, and I loved how the book quizzes me throughout going back on information to see if I can remember it.

Chad – student


So not everybody loves to read big, long textbooks – I certainly don’t!  So, when I called Carl and he told me that his book is a very simple format, I trusted he wasn’t “giving me a sales pitch” and bought his book.  I am so very happy I did!  Carl asked me if I could write a testimonial for him and I had zero hesitation to do so!  Don’t miss out if you need to pass your CCI exam – Get this book!  Also, Carl is super-friendly to talk to!  THANK YOU MADSKILLZ!

Lydia Q. – Brand New RCIS


Madskillz is definitely the easiest textbook I have ever read!  Very simple to follow and so easy to recall information as you go through it.  I can also tell you, the math section or formula section is the best thing I have seen in any book – it totally breaks it down so you learn step by step how to compute data.  My other favorite section is the Acid-Base balance section!  Nice color throughout so you don’t get bored looking at black and white. 

Mark R. – RT(R) (new to cath lab)


If you have an extra $80 and you don’t know what to do with it – BUY THIS BOOK if you are trying to pass your RCIS test!  About a 200-page book, but you can go through it so quickly and you will be amazed at what you learn and can retain!  Carl certainly kept the KISS principle in this book (Keep It Simple Silly).  I PASSED!

Kyle J. – RCIS, NRP


English is not my first language so I am very happy how easy and simple book is to read and study from.  Thank you Mr. Wilson for your patience with me and I can’t wait to let you know you helped me pass my test!  Blessings!

Chidiebele “Connie” – Student


I started to do research a while back on a review guide that could be used in my cath lab for my personnel to peruse through at their leisure to stay sharp and up to date.  I admit, I was attracted to the lower price that Mr. Wilson’s study guide was, compared to other competitor’s, so I purchased it.  I am happy to report, that I was exceptionally pleased with the simplicity but effectiveness of this review guide.  In fact, I actually placed an order for 3 additional books to give as gifts to colleagues.  Thanks for all your help Mr. Wilson! 


Jennifer V. – Director CCL, RN MSN